Heiraten in Zeeland

[Last updatet on 20 september 2020]

You definetly landed on this page because you are planning to have your wedding in Zeeland! Maybe you are originally from Zeeland or you guys just love to go there on a vacation at the coast. How cool would it be to have your wedding at the beach or in the beautiful nature of this part of The Netherlands. Zeeland has awesome beaches, beautiful forest and beautiful and cosy cities and villages. And this all can be part of your wedding in Zeeland! So if you want to start planning your wedding at the beach of Zoutelande or want to wed in the forest of Burgh Haamstede, you are on the right place here. On this page you will find the best wedding vendors from Zeeland (or vendors who are know well in Zeeland). Think about the best wedding locations in Zeeland, the best wedding planners, stylists, wedding boutiques and so on.
Wedding on the beach, wedding in the forest, wedding on a castle or a citywedding? It’s all possible in Zeeland!
But wow, where to start? These days there are a huge amount of vendors for your wedding! And what a possibilities! The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose professional vendors for your wedding. They don’t deliver the service only, but they will give you some good advice out of their experience too. So your wedding will become exacty how you guys want it!
As a wedding photographer in Zeeand I’ve a lot of experience with different wedding vendors. So via this page with the best wedding vendors for Zeeland I would like to help you guys a bit. For the best wedding venues in Zeeland or the best weddingplanner in Zeeland and everything in between!
If you miss something, have questions or just want to know my experience with a certain wedding location or vendor? Just send me a message and I’m always happy to help! If you want more information about a wedding photographer in Zeeland, just click here!

Trouwlocaties in Zeeland

Hereby a list of the beste wedding locations in Zeeland.

  1. Landgoed Twistvliet in Vrouwenpolder – A beautiful rural wedding location with possibilities for an outside ceremony.
  2. Het Badpaviljoen in Domburg – Unique wedding location on the dunes of Domburg with a beautiful seaside view.
  3. Fort Rammekens in Ritthem (nearby Vlissingen) – Wedding in the ancient and oldest fortress of Western Europe. At the edge of an nature area with creeks, woods and dunes. The company called Trouwen in het bos is allowed to organize your wedding here.
  4. Slot Moermond in Renesse – Wedding on an ancient castle with possibilites for an outside ceremony in the garden of estate Moermond.
  5. Huys ter Schelde in Koudekerke (nearby Middelburg and Vlissingen) – A beuatiful party location and wedding location in a monumental villa.
  6. Kloveniersdoelen in Middelburg – A historical wedding location and party location in the beautiful centre of Middelburg. This location also has a nice terrace and garden to have, for example, your wedding diner.
  7. Beachclub Zuiderduin in Westkapelle – A relaxed party location and wedding location on the beach of Westkapelle for your real beachwedding in Zeeland.
  8. Middellandse Zeetuin Uilenbroek in Buttinge – a beautiful and unique tropical garden in Zeeland. It’s a beautiful shootlocation but you can also do your wedding ceremony and diner here!
  9. Land & Zeezicht in Kamperland – Wedding location in by a monumental farm near Het Veerse Meer.
  10. Het KasLokaal in Oostkapelle – A greenhouse with a beautiful atmosphere. Wedding in a greenhouse with also a beautiful garden around it!
  11. Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke – Unique and artsy wedding location with beautiful shootlocations on the property and a greenhouse for an inside party or diner. It’s just at the other side of the border of Zeeland, in Belgium.
trouwen trouwlocatie twistvliet zeeland
Twistvliet is a populair wedding location on Walcheren. A wedding location with a lot of possibilities and a good vibe! Foto: Joran Looij Photography

Binnenlocaties fotoshoot Zeeland

Is there a forecast of bad weather on your wedding day? Always make sure you have an alternative indoor location for your wedding day behind the hand. Just in case! Yes, it can unfortunately happen in the Netherlands and even in a sunny Zeeland. So hereby a list of the best indoor shoot locations in Zeeland.

  1. Abdij Middelburg – A lovely ancient and stilled spot in the middle of the city with a few beautiful halls.
  2. Het KasLokaal in Oostkapelle – A greenhouse with a beautiful atmosphere. Wedding in a greenhouse with also a beautiful garden around it! When you arrange it on time it is possible to make pictures in the greenhouse.
  3. Timmerfabriek in Vlissingen – An industrial shootlocation with a lot of space.
  4. Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke – Unique and artsy wedding location with beautiful shootlocations on the property and a greenhouse for an inside party or diner. It’s just at the other side of the border of Zeeland, in Belgium.
  5. Your wedding location! – Are you planning to wed on for example Slot Moermond or another inside location? Maybe there are some nice spots inside to make a bunch of pictures.

PRO TIP: do you have a favorite café or place in Zeeland? Ask them if it’s possible to make some pictures there!

wedding shoot zeeland middelburg abdijhallen
A know indoor location in Middelburg: the halls of the ancient Abbey. Photo: Joran Looij Photography

Weddingplanner & bruiloftstylist in Zeeland

Hereby a list of weddingplanners and wedding stylists in Zeeland. They would love to help you to organize your wedding or to take care of the styling of your wedding in Zeeland. Also they can be on location on your weddingday as well to make sure everything goes according to plan. Do you want a beautiful styled diner and a cosy and stylish atmosphere on your wedding or partylocation? Then make sure to contact one of these stylists and everything will look perfect, and most important: according to your wishes! Especially very helpfull if you don’t live in the Netherlands. So you don’t have to come over every time!

  1. BRUIST Weddings
  2. The Table Club
  3. Cloé Weddings
  4. Trouwen in het Bos – Okay, not from Zeeland, but they are specialized in doing their magic to make a beautiful wedding location of every beautiful spot in nature! Also that one spot that is so special to you guys!

    bruiloftstyling weddingplanner bruiloft zeeland
    Hiring a weddingplanner or wedding stylist will release you from a lot of things to be managed for your wedding and it let’s everything look even nicer! Photo: Joran Looij Photography.

Trouwkaarten en Trouwhuisstijl / Wedding Stationery

Make your wedding even more beautiful by having a special wedding stationery. The venders below would love to design your wedding invitations, but also your name cards for diner, the menus, guestbook, stickers and so on. This all in the style of your wedding!

  1. Studio Melt in Middelburg – Designer of wedding cards and your wedding stationary.
  2. The Wedding Press – Designer of the whole style of your wedding and wedding stationary.

By having a nice weddingstyle your wedding photos will be looking even better! So you don’t do this for your guests only, but also for your own good looking memories. Just make your wedding day how you want it!

bruiloft zeeland huisstijl studio melt middelburg
A beautiful welcome sign for the wedding guests on this wedding in Zeeland. Designed by Studio Melt. Photo: Joran Looij Photography.

Trouwjurk in Zeeland

Hereby a list of the best wedding salons in Zeeland for a beautiful and stylish weddingdress.

  1. Wild Love Bridal – a brand new weddingdress boutique in Zeeland for the bohemian, modern, romantic and minimalistic bride!
weddingdress zeeland
Pick a wedding dress that fits your style! Photo: Joran Looij Photograhpy

Bruidsboeket & bruidsbloemen in Zeeland

No wedding without flowers! Hereby the best wedding florists in Zeeland.

  1. Ilse van Es Bloemenatelier – A  passionated and enthousiast florist for a beautiful wedding bouquet in every style!
  2. Floribus Flowerfarm – Fair weddingflowers and cultured in Zeeland!

PRO TIP: pick your fresh flowers by yourself in a so called picking garden or out of the special picking borders you can find everywhere in Zeeland! In Aagtekerke you have Pluktuin Hof Hazenberg or Sint-Anthonijshoek in Kruiningen. Also nice to do with family and friends a day before the wedding!

trouwfotograaf zeeland domburg duinen strand
The groom with a beautiful wedding bouquet made bij Joeke Verhoeven. Photo: Joran Looij Photography.

Trouwauto in Zeeland

Want to rent a unique weddingcar for your wedding? Think out-of-theb-box! Maybe you are looking for a nice retro or vintage weddingcar or maybe a more modern weddingcar for your wedding!

  1. VW Camperbus – Rent this cool retro VW-van for your wedding. Or maybe it’s a nice drive for your honeymoon roadtrip?!
  2. Trouwauto Zeeland – Vendor for affordable wedding transport in Zeeland. With a realy cool collection of cars. From american classics to more luxury wedding cars. And hey, we rented our own wedding car here ourselves!

PRO TIP: are you on a tight budget? Maybe a familymember or friend has a cool car you can use on your wedding day!

You should have a cool wedding car on your weddingday! Photo: Joran Looij Photography

Trouwfotograaf in Zeeland

What remains of your weddingday are beautiful memories of you and your guests. But hey, luckily there are the wedding photos of your day too! You spent a lot of time arranging your weddingdress, weddingsuit, weddingflowers, weddingstyling and so on. So it’s very important that this all is captured in such a way this hard work is visible in your weddingreportage. Not only how the day looked like, but also the emotions at your weddingday. When you are watching your weddingpictures together, the story of your weddingday have to come to life again. These beautifuul moments during your outside ceremonie or the funny moments during the weddingshoot on the beach and so on.Off course there are a lot of wedding photographers in The Netherlands, but the advantage of a wedding photographer from Zeeland is that they know the best locations in Zeeland. In example a beautiful inside location in Zeeland or a unique spot for your photoshoot in the nature of Zeeland. So, no standard locations where everybody takes their weddingpictures!Are you looking for a wedding photographer who captures your wedding in Zeeland in a storytelling, spontaneous and intimate way? Then click here for more information and my weddingbrochure!

Beste trouwfotograaf Zeeland
A wedding photographer from Zeeand knows all the best and most unique spots in the area! Photo: Joran Looij Photography.

Videograaf bruiloft in Zeeland

Do you want even more memories of your weddingday? You allready booked your wedding photographer in Zeeland, but are also thinking about a hiring a videographer for your wedding in Zeeland? Keep in mind that a videographer with some experience is always a good plan, because they are used to work together and teamup with the wedding photographer. So check here which videographer from Zeeland will deliver you the perfect weddingfilm and are recommended by me! Stories by Adam – Check the awesome work of this very friendly and easy going guy. He captures your day in a beautiful intimate way and has a lot of heart for his work. A good guy with experience to have at your wedding. Chantal Arnts – Not from Zeeland, but an awesome videographer for pure coverage of your day in an awesome intimite way.

beste wedding photographer zeeland
Besides the beach, sea and woods Zeeland also has beautiful little cities like Veere and her authentic harbour. Perfect for your wedding shoot! Foto: Joran Looij Photography.