Looking for a shoot that shows you at your best? Meaning: that will show your real and beautiful self?
Then look further on this page to looks which shoots you can book. Or let me know if you have special wishes!

Because it’s important to me that the pictures wil represent your real self, my shoots are relaxed and unstrained. We take our time so we’ll get to know each other. A relaxed session with pictures in which you recognize yourselves als a result. That’s my goal!

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S E E  Y O U  S O O N !


It's all about love

A loveshoot don't have to be boring or exciting in a bad way. We'll pick a nice spot were the shoot will take place. This can be your favorite place, or relaxed at your own house or a nice location outside we'll pick together. At the shoot itself we just have a nice time together while I capture your love. No uncomfortable or strange posing and just relaxed!
The shoot will take about 2 - 2,5 hour max. So I'll take my time for you guys!

This shoot has 15 photos in highest resolution included.*

€ 249,-


Be your inner self

Do you want pictures of yourself in which you recognize your rea self? And maybe you don't have experience with a shoot on that side of the camera at all? No probem at all. We'll pick a nice spot were the shoot will take place and we'll take our time to make a beautiful set of pictures of you. Pictures of your real you and of which you can be proud of!
The shoot will take about 1 - 1,5 hour.

This shoot has 10 photos in highest resolution included.*

€ 175,-


Happy together

Do you want pictures of your beautiful little family you are proud of? And not the official and stiff ones, but just relaxed while you are doing the things you love? We'll pick a nice spot were the shoot will take place or maybe we can go to your/the kids favorite place to go to. There we will make a relaxed walk and in the meantime I will capture you and your loved ones. So it's just a nice trip!
The shoot will take about 2 - 2,5 hour max. So enough time for a fun activity!

Only for little housholds/families. No familiygroups.

This shoot has 15 photos in highest resolution included.*

€ 275,-

* Do you want more photos? Or just all photos of your beautiful gallery? You can purchase the rest of the photos via the gallery!

What’s in it?

– Your photos presented in your own beautiful looking online gallery.
– The number of digital files in highest resolution as mentioned above, suitable for big format prints. You can purchase more files via the gallery.
– Accurate selection and professional edit of the best pictures op the shoot. During the shoot I’ll get to know you and because of that I’m able to select the best shots. So I don’t deliver all pictures or unedited pictures of the shoot.
– Time and creativity of the photographer. Think about the time I spent, besides the shoot itself, at aligning your wishes, location scouting and at selecting, editing and sending your pictures etc. etc.
Prices are VAT included and travel costs up to 50 km from Oostkapelle (Zeeland). Outside this reach travel costs are € 0,25 per driven kilometer.
On all shoots the General terms and Conditions of Joran Looij Photography do apply.


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